Born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Yasmineh started her career as a jewelry designer in grade school. She would make colorful little bracelets and necklaces from materials she found around the house and would sell them to her classmates. After finishing high school in Tehran, she moved to Los Angeles, where she decided to seriously pursue her passion for jewelry design. She started her line shortly after working for the internationally renowned jewelry designer,SOGOLI, and upon completion of her jewelry classes at CSULB where she got her degree in Graphic Design and Marketing.
Her vision in Art has led her to design beautiful and unique pieces using and mixing unconventional materials such as denim, wood, semi-precious stones, chains, feathers, and other industrial materials.
Longing for uniqueness and having a different style, she started making her own jewelry while working as a waitress in Los Angles. Soon people were attracted to her jewelry and started placing orders with her, some would actually buy pieces right off of her neck!
This led her to start throwing trunk shows and selling her unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to the public. From 2008 -2011 she lived in NYC, where she continued to make jewelry and sell her pieces to the finest Manhattan boutiques, such as OTTE.
Yasmineh is inspired by the materials she finds in her environment and uses them to push the boundaries of what jewelry design can be.
Today she is back to her home country of Iran where she continues creating unique and fashionable jewelry and spreading her New York vision in Tehran.

"I make what I like and what I would love to wear, if I love it, I’m sure my customers will love it too."

Yasmineh Kafai